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About me ...
(this module is still coming up)


I am surprised that you really want to know about me. There is nothing interesting here.

May be you would like to

to see my resume
read about mylike my little trips here and there
go through the little collection I have on my favourite characters : Tintin and Calvin & Hobbes
know about the books that I read and enjoy
may be you will be interested to go through my ramblings from time to time ( are you that bored ??).

But if you are still really interested to know about me :

I am M.Rajavel. I come from a place called Virudhunagar near Madurai ( a very famous temple city ) in Tamil Nadu in India in Asia.Okay : I'll make this simpler for you :

The coastal village Vembar is my ancestral place : every year we go there to offer prayers to our family deity (I love those trips)

I have education in Electronics engineering and Product design : and am working as a Web page designers. Sounds funny ?? Have a hearty laugh.

I used to work in a Government of India organisation: National Informatics Centre in its MultiMedia Applications and Presentations Division. NIC forms the back bone of informatics infrastucture of Government of India

Then I worked in NIIT ( a software and knowledge solution organisation ) I was a part of NIIT's E-Com Centre Of Competence which takes care of idetifying new technologies, get the work force trained in it and stuff like that ! I was in the Visual Communication Group of this centre ! I do Web graphics and User Interface Design

Now I work with Infosys ( A software soutions company ). I am with the Technology focus group of theri Asia PAcific operations division !

That's it : even I am bored.

Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin & Hobbes
Microsoft The best resource I've found for maps !!